Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

The days of summer vacation have passed us by. No longer awoken by the rumbling of our stomachs but now by that wonderful sound we all love so much, our alarm clocks. That’s okay though because that means it’s time for school! Over the summer I was hard at...
Bloopers:  Practice Makes Perfect

Bloopers: Practice Makes Perfect

We’ve been putting our green screen to great use this year. We’ve been making so many different videos. We made our Math Movie Network intros at the beginning of the year. We’ve also made videos about all different math topics. One thing we’ve...

A New Year…A Few Changes!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! I know mine has certainly been busy getting ready for the new school year. This year will definitely be a little bit different though. I’m no longer teaching fourth grade and have moved up to sixth grade! I also have a...

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