The days of summer vacation have passed us by. No longer awoken by the rumbling of our stomachs but now by that wonderful sound we all love so much, our alarm clocks. That’s okay though because that means it’s time for school!

Over the summer I was hard at work getting ready for the new year. When I came back into the classroom, it felt so empty. It’s just not the same when it isn’t filled with students. It didn’t help that none of the bulletin boards were done, none of the computers were set up, and nothing else was ready to go.

Now the rooms are finally filled again with smiling faces. Everything is ready to go for a new year. Bulletin boards are up and ready to add great student work to them. Computer are ready for some blogging. The “green screen” is cleaned and ready for some great new videos.

I’m definitely looking forward to another amazing year!


What was your favorite thing you did over the summer?

What are you looking forward to most about sixth grade?