I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! I know mine has certainly been busy getting ready for the new school year. This year will definitely be a little bit different though. I’m no longer teaching fourth grade and have moved up to sixth grade! I also have a new teaching partner, Ms. Girard. This will be her first year at our school and I’m very excited to work with her!

In changing grade levels, that also means changing rooms. Today was the first opportunity I had to get into my new classroom. One of my favorite parts of the room is a giant blank wall that I have. My old classroom barely had any blank wall space! I decided that instead of using cloth for a green screen next year, we’ll have our own green screen wall! Below you can find some before and after pictures as I introduce you to “The Green Monster.”

Another big change this year is the addition of Mr. Avery’s Classroom Wiki. Last year we expanded our classroom with the creation of this blog. We’ve been able to share our classwork, projects, and videos with the rest of the world. Our wiki will serve a different purpose. The wiki will be used to host videos created by both myself and students, that will be used as tutorials for different topics that we’re learning about in class. This will allow both the students and the parents to be able to watch videos at home that will help prepare each individual for different topics that we will be covering throughout the school year. I’m very excited about this new project and hopes it’s beneficial to everyone’s success this year.

We have exactly two weeks until the first day of school and even less time until Open House. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of your summer! I look forward to seeing all of you in a couple weeks!

*What was your favorite thing you did this summer?*

*What are you looking forward to most next year?*