We’ve been putting our green screen to great use this year. We’ve been making so many different videos. We made our Math Movie Network intros at the beginning of the year. We’ve also made videos about all different math topics. One thing we’ve found while making them is that things don’t always go perfectly the first time around!

We’ve had many outtakes from our videos that we’ve been working on. It’s very difficult to keep your composure on camera at all times. It’s also tough to remember what you wanted to say! However, we’ve found that if you keep working at it, the end result always ends up being great.

One of our most popular videos last year were our bloopers from our Biography Museum interviews. You can see them here. We thought that we’d put together another video sharing some of our outtakes from our videos so far this year. We hope you enjoy!

*What has been your favorite video so far this year?*

*Did you enjoy looking back at our bloopers?*