A Different Perspective

Every year we have the opportunity to head down to Cape Cod for one of our field trips. It’s always one of our favorite events of the year. We have the chance to wade through tidal pools and a creek. We explore for any organisms we can find, including crabs, starfish and fish. Our wonderful guides from Thornton Burgess talk to us about nature and the creatures we discover throughout the day.

This year we got to hear all about the different types of crabs that inhabit the area. There are many different types but some of the ones that we were able to catch were the green crab, rock crab and Jonah crab. Besides just the crabs, we also go to see various fish and even a sea slug!

We were fortunate enough to get a GoPro camera for our classroom this year. This was our first opportunity to test out the underwater feature to it. We pieced together a few different videos from our day for the video above. For a couple shots, we placed the GoPro into buckets of crabs that we caught to get some close-up views of them. A couple of the clips were videos that we shot in the ocean. We had no idea what we had caught on them until we got back to school! In one, if you look closely, you can see a hermit crab walking along the ocean floor. In the second, if you wait patiently, you’ll see a crab emerge from between rocks. When he goes to push a rock out of his way, another crab jumps out to try to grab him!

We had such a beautiful day to learn and explore! Check out some pictures from our incredible day down below!