As we wrap up our plant unit in science, one of our culminating activities was for students to create a glog to share everything they had learned about photosynthesis. This was our first experience using Glogster, which is a site that allows you to create online multimedia posters. It is an amazing site that is very simple to use. Each student has their own username and password, so have them give you a tour!

In science, we have learned that photosynthesis is the process of plants creating their own food (glucose). ย If you want to learn more about photosynthesis, you can check out one of our earlier posts about our game of photosynthesis tag or check out a couple examples of glogs below! ย If you scroll over the Glogster logo, you can view the poster in its full size. You can also click on speech bubbles to scroll through the text.

Thank you Ashley and Ben for sharing your wonderful glogs!

*What was your favorite part about Glogster?*

*What else do you think Glogster would be good for?*

*What graphics did you pick for your glog and why?*