We hit a huge milestone today. We had our 100,000th visitor! It’s amazing to see how many people have visited our blog in the couple years since we started up. We’re so grateful that other classes and educators around the world find our blog to be a place that want to visit and continue coming back to!


The greatest part about hitting this benchmark is seeing our growth just within the last six months. As you can see in the picture above, almost 40% of our visitors have come in about the last 7 months. That means we’re getting close to having the same amount of visitors in that 7 month period as we had in the two years before that!

Because of this milestone, we also decided to reflect on some other marks that we’ve currently hit. Our most popular video that has we’ve created, our Elapsed Time Number-Line video has been viewed close to 20,000 times between Vimeo and YouTube! Our Avery Bunch fraction video has close to 10,000 views. The BFG movie trailer is now over 5,500 views! It’s been amazing to see these numbers grow over time and to see how some of our videos are being used in other classrooms to help teach different concepts.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the two and half years that we’ve been around. We’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing classes around the world, participate in some amazing global projects, and meet some of the nicest people. We can’t wait to see what the next hundred thousand visitors share with us on the blog in the future!


What is your favorite post on the blog so far?

What would you like to see us post about in the future?