Hi. It’s me, Oscar. I’m back again. Just look at that dog above. He is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t you agree? Oh wait, that’s a picture of me. I had no idea!

Mr. Avery needs to learn to put his computer away. I figured I’d get one more post up there before he probably changes everything back. I still think my ideas for a blog are so much better than his but don’t tell him I said that. I’m still trying to get as many treats from him as possible!

I’ve had a lot of questions in regards to just how exactly I’m typing all of this. Well, it just so happens I’m not. You see, with all these new technology tools, I’m able to use voice recognition to speak everything into the computer. After, I just use Google Translate and translate from Dog to English. Then, there it is, ready to post!

So let’s see. Where did I leave off last time? Oh yes, that squeaky thing in my toy. Have you ever played that game with all the toys in it and you have to move the handle to drop down the crane to try to catch one of them? Every time you think that you’re just about to win. The claw drops down and you see the stuffed animal just starting to lift up, only to be dropped at the last moment. Well, that’s how I feel with my toys. Every time. Every single time I can feel that squeaky thing about to be pulled out. I get all the stuffing out of the way. I get that squeaky thing in my mouth and try to pull it out of the toy and yet it somehow doesn’t come out. It’s rigged I tell you! Mr. Avery gave me a trick toy that just won’t completely rip apart. Why would he do that to me? And what is that thing squeaking anyway? Why is it squeaking? It only does it when I try to rip it out or when Mr. Avery squeezes it to try to get me to play. I guess I’ll just never understand it.

So the other day I shared a really funny video of a dog who was so upset that his owner was teasing him about food. I bet you probably really enjoyed it. I told you this blog needed more dog videos! I also said that it needed videos of cute puppies. Well, check this one out. This puppy just can’t keep himself from falling asleep. He reminds me a lot of me when I was just a young pup. All I ever wanted to do was sleep, eat, play, and then sleep some more. Actually, who am I kidding? That’s what I still do!

Well, this will probably be the last time I write. I have a feeling Mr. Avery is going to be taking back over again. To all my fans though, keep in touch. Write me comments on this post and on my other one. Maybe I can sneak back on from time to time when Mr. Avery isn’t looking to respond to a comment or two. NO CATS ALLOWED THOUGH! Cats should get a head start before I chase you up a tree. Squirrels be warned as well. You may feel safe when I’m stuck behind that glass slider door barking at you but one of these days I’m going to get out. You just wait!

Well, it’s been fun. Signing off from Oscar’s Blog. Woof!