Hi. My name is Oscar. That’s a picture of me right above. I’m one good looking dog aren’t I? Well, I also just so happen to be Mr. Avery’s dog. He has no idea that I’ve taken over his blog. However, I think Oscar’s Blog has a much better sound to it than Mr. Avery’s Blog, don’t you? Did you just hear a squirrel? I just heard a squirrel. Oh wait, nevermind. It was just the wind. Where was I? Oh yes. I think there need to be a few changes around here. No more pictures of all these kids working hard and making videos and things like that. I’d like to see more pictures of food. Pictures of chicken, tuna, or anything else will do just fine. I’ll eat just about anything so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Delicious. Just get rid of that green stuff in there, would ya?

I also think this site needs more videos of puppies and dogs doing funny stuff. Sure, math may be important. I like to count how many pieces of cheese I can get Mr. Avery to give me everyday by giving him those puppy dog eyes (my record is 35). But enough of these math videos already. Where of the videos of dogs doing tricks? Where are the videos of puppies being really cute? That’s the stuff the people really want to see! Take a look at this video below. Who doesn’t want to see more of that? Genius Hour project? You know what would be really genius, an hour of me doing nothing but eating. That’s a TRUE Genius Hour.

Alright, I’ve got a toy that needs the stuffing ripped out of it because that little squeaky thing inside of it is absolutely driving me nuts! Then I’ve got a nice, long nap planned. But before I go, I caught Mr. Avery doing something really funny this morning. If you want to see it, you need to click here. Bark at you soon!