Through our blog, we have made great connections with so many classes from around the world. We’ve talked to classes from our neighbors to the north, Canada. We’ve talked to classes from other continents such as Europe and Australia. It’s been a wonderful experience getting to learn about different cultures.

A few teachers wanted to find a way to team up with other blogs in order to learn even more about classes in different parts of the world. With that, Quad Blogging was born. Quad Blogging is where four class blogs team up. Each week, the focus is on one of those blogs. Everyone from the other three blogs will visit that blog to learn more about that class, their school, and their community.

Here is the schedule of our blog visits:

This week you’ll have the opportunity to meet us! We’re two sixth grade classes with 17 students in one class and 15 in the other. You’ll probably find that you have a lot in common with us even though our schools are nowhere near one another! Watch our Animoto below to learn a little bit more about us.

Take a look through our blog. You may want to look at some of our favorite posts from the year such as Doctor Decimal, Pi Day, or Story Time! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!