As you saw with our last post, we’ve been hard at work recently preparing for our World’s Fair. Students have finished writing and typing their reports. They’ve wrapped up adding the last pictures for their Animotos. The last snow capped mountains and dense forests have been placed delicately into their habitat displays. The final step to the process was to film an interview with an animal expert.

For the final portion of their project, students were to be filmed as an expert of the particular animal they’ve been researching. They donned clothing representative of the climate that their animal lived in. They came up with a name for their expert. Then, they prepared for questioning. However, this wasn’t like any ordinary interview. The person asking them the questions is someone they knew very, very well. See if you can figure out just who it was who interviewed each expert.

A few of our interviews can be seen below. However, that’s only the beginning of them. The rest can be found by clicking here. Then, tell us if any of the animals we researched live near you!

Have you ever seen any of the animals we researched?

Can you share some facts about your favorite animal?