Over the course of the last couple months, all the sixth grade students have been working to prepare for the World’s Fair. Our World’s Fair is a joint science and social studies project. In social studies with Ms. Girard, each student chose a country and have been researching all different aspects of that country. In science, students had to choose an animal that lives within that country. They then researched reasons why that country is a hospitable place for the animal as well as the characteristics, diet, and adaptations of each animal.

Our science project was broken up into four parts. Students had to write a six paragraph report based upon all of their research. They also have to create a display of the animal’s habitat and will be filming interviews as an expert on their animal. The last piece was that students had to create an Animoto including pictures and facts.

After talking about the importance of Creative Commons, students began work on the creation of their Animotos. Within it, students had to include at least 20 pictures. They also had to add at least 10 text boxes to share some of the amazing facts they discovered during their research. Take a look at some of our Animotos below. Then, click here to view the rest of them!

Check back soon to see our animal expert interviews!

Have you ever made an Animoto before?

What is your favorite animal?