What a year! We had an amazing class with a group of students that worked so well together. We blogged with so many great classes. We received comments from around the world. It was truly a successful year.

It seems like so long ago when we were first introducing ourselves through our news intros. That was the start of many different videos we created throughout the year.

It’s hard to imagine that we did our first major project all the way back in October. Students researched endangered animals. They learned about their habitat, eating habits and adaptations of those animals. They did such an amazing job writing reports and putting together newscasts to share all the information they had learned.

I can’t believe that all that was at the beginning of the year. Now the year has passed and these students will be moving on to fifth grade. Their teachers next year will be very lucky to have such a great group to work with. I was very fortunate to have had an opportunity to have them in my class this year!

Thank you to all our blogging buddies this year. You all left some amazing comments and it was great having an opportunity to connect with you. Thank you to all the families for being so supportive of the blog and always leaving encouraging words. Most importantly, thank you to all the students this year for being such hard workers and making this year such a success.

Enjoy looking back at some pictures from earlier this year. Have a wonderful summer!

*What was your favorite part of fourth grade?*

*What was your favorite post from this year?*