Thursday was an absolutely beautiful day. The clouds had parted from the day before and the sun had cast its light. Luckily, Thursday just so happened to also be the day of our field trip to Heritage Museum!

Every year, the fourth grade takes a trip to these beautiful grounds to visit the gardens and exhibits. Before we began our tour, we were given a brief history about the museum. We learned that the land was originally settled on in 1677 by a woman named Lydia Wing Hamilton Abbott. Centuries later, in 1921, the land was bought by a man named Charles Owen Dexter. Upon taking up residence here, he began experimenting with hybridizing, or combining, different types of rhododendrons. He planted many on these lands. Later, the land was taken over by the Lilly family. They eventually turned it into a museum to share the amazing gardens. They also added buildings to house antique cars and an old, hand-carved carousel.

We were able to spend the day on a tour where we able to ride the carousel, sit in a Ford Model T, and learn about many forms of transportation throughout time. After lunch, the students were then able to explore in groups and found themselves in the new Hidden Hollows area where they were able to climb and play. You can view the slideshow below to see all the fun we had throughout the day!

We had an absolutely amazing day. We had perfect weather. We got to go on a great tour. Best of all, the students were able to make Mr. Avery roll down a hill! There’s even video to prove it! After the students had an opportunity to roll down the hill, which our tour guide says is always one of her favorite parts, they convinced their teacher to take a tumble. You can see videos of both below!

It was certainly a day that we will always remember. We just wish we had another day to spend there!

*What was your favorite part about the field trip?*

*What did you learn while you were there?*

*If you could go back, what one part would you want to visit most?*