The T.S. Kennedy has set sail for its journey home. All of the cadets of Massachusetts Maritime will attempt to get their land legs back on February 20th as they step foot on campus for the first time since January 9th. I’m sure all will be happy to see friends and family again but had some great adventures on their trip!

Before the T.S. Kennedy began its voyage home, they stopped in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From there, Mr. Tracy sent us one last batch of postcards. This time he shared some information about the purpose of the ship, the cadets, and a little bit of information about Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico was actually a landing place for Christopher Columbus on his second journey in 1493. Its history also includes another famous explorer, Ponce de Leon, who was actually the first governor of the island. You may be familiar with him and his unsuccessful quest to find “Fountain of Youth.” Today, Puerto Rico continues to be a landing place for many, as tourism is an important component to the economy. It is a stop for many cruise ships and of course, the T.S. Kennedy!

Our earlier Prezi has been updated to now include all of the postcards we’ve received from Mr. Tracy. You can navigate your way through and learn all about the T.S. Kennedy and its travels.

*What was your favorite item you received from Mr. Tracy?*

*What did you learn from the postcards?*

*Have you ever traveled somewhere far away?*