Looking outside the window, with the beautiful landscape of snow, we can definitely tell that winter is here!  Winter brings many different feelings and visions.  Some think about the holidays.  Some think about ice and snow.  What do I think about?  Well, I think about geometry of course!  There are so many different shapes involved with the colder months of the year.  An icicle may remind me of an isosceles triangle.  A present under the tree perfectly represents a cube or a rectangular prism.  It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year!

In class, we’ve been discussing shapes and what they will look like if we flip, slide, or turn them.  Students had to create a drawing that reminded them of winter.  Within that drawing, they had to show an example of a flip, a slide, and a turn.  We then scanned our drawings into the computer and put together a presentation to share what flips, slides, and turns are.  Below you can see our result!

I hope everyone has been enjoying your vacation!

*What other shapes can you find during the winter?*

*What have you been doing on your vacation?*