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Last week we enjoyed the opportunity to take a field trip to 5 Wits, located within Patriot Place in Foxboro. You may recall that we also took this field trip last year towards the end of our school year. The students loved it and there was so much teamwork involved that we wanted to go earlier in the year this year as a team building activity. It went even better than we had hoped!

If you’ve never heard of it or didn’t see our post last year, 5 Wits is an interactive, cooperative adventure. They have two different themes, Espionage and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Within each, you need to solve a series of puzzles to either solve a mystery or find your way out!

In Espionage, you become a spy tasked with finding out who the mole is trying to leak company communication secrets. You find yourself infiltrating the enemy headquarters by crawling through a laser alarm system. Once in, you need to find access cards to get into different rooms, climb through vents, and unlock a safe. It turns out that the company really didn’t want us to figure out what was going on because we encountered a bomb that we had to try to disarm! With teamwork and cooperation though, everything turned out great in the end! We figured out who the mole was and escaped the headquarters.
20,000 Leagues left us stuck in Captain Nemo’s ship underneath the ocean’s surface. We had to complete a series of puzzles to try to escape from the ship. At the end though we encountered a giant octopus that wanted to keep us from getting out and we had to find a way to get rid of it! We won’t give away the secret in case you ever go (although if you want to know, I’m sure you could ask in a comment and somebody would tell you how)! We made a couple of 360° panoramas for this part as well. You can take a look at them below so you can see what 20,000 Leagues looked like!
Have you ever been to 5 Wits before?

What’s your favorite field trip you’ve ever been on?