Back in April, Mr. Avery had traveled out to Arizona as part of a trip for LearnZillion While there, he had the opportunity to experience the Education Innovation Summit. He was able to meet people who run many of the websites and apps that we use such as Edmodo and Wikispaces. He even had the opportunity to meet some people who work for EarthKam.

EarthKam is a project that is run by NASA. With this program, students are able to take a look at the location of the International Space Station as it orbits around Earth. Students can choose a time and location and the ISS will take pictures of Earth that then are shared with the classroom. It was an amazing way for us to take a look at the geography of the Earth as we work on our World’s Fair project and also to talk about topics of space such as gravity!

Unfortunately, because the International Space Station looks down at Earth from its orbit, the timing of the images needs to be perfect because on a cloudy day, all you’ll see are pictures of clouds. However, with the right timing, you get to see some amazing pictures of the Earth from above! Students had pictures taken of the countries they are researching. We also took some pictures looking down at some of our blogging buddies such as Mrs. Yollis, Mrs. Morris and Ms. Jordan, B4, and A Room with a View. You can see the images below!

If this is something you’re interested in, they’ll be running another education mission in July. We recommend you check it out!




Have you ever heard of the International Space Station before?


If you could travel to any planet, which would it be and why?