This post can also be found on the Our World, Our Numbers blog. Along with this information about U.S. currency, you’ll also be able to learn about currency from other countries around the world. Check back next week as each class posts about landmarks!

We’ve been learning all sorts of great facts about currency around the world. It’s so interesting to see the different bills and coins, how they look, and who some of the people and places are that are represented on them. One of the things that a lot of students have thought as they have been looking at the currency of other countries is that ours isn’t that colorful compared to others!

Mrs. Yollis and Mr. Salsich’s classes have already done an incredible job teaching everyone about the American dollar. We really enjoyed the Puppet Pals video that Mrs. Yollis’ class created! What better way to learn about the coin than from U.S. presidents! We also really enjoyed trying to solve some of Mr. Salsich’s coin riddles!

For our class, Ben W. created a video to teach a little bit more about the American dollar. In it he talks about what type of bills America uses, our coins, and some interesting facts about American money!

Great job Ben! We learned some great facts about American money! One other interesting fact is that even though our largest bill right now is the $100 bill, did you know that the United States once printed a $100,000 bill! I’m sure everyone would like to find one of those in the street!

We use currency a lot in math class as we learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with decimals. We also use it when learning about percents and how to find discounts on items. Click here for an example of a post we did last year with a Math Movie Network video learning about how to find discounts on prices!

Thanks to all the other classes for sharing such amazing facts. We can’t wait for our next topic to learn even more about your country!


What did you learn about U.S. currency?

How would you spend your money if you had a $100,000 bill?