Today we celebrated our time spent this year in D.A.R.E. with our graduation. D.A.R.E. is the Drug Abuse Resistance Education and focuses on teaching students how to make good choices when confronted with some difficult decisions in life. We have been working hard to learn what decisions we may face and what we should do if these may arise.

At our graduation, we were called up to receive a certificate in recognition of our hard work and our pledge to follow the D.A.R.E. decision making model. We proudly wore our t-shirts and many of us wore our dog tags that we had received for our participation in the program.

Officer Smith did an amazing job of teaching us why it’s so important to think things through and make good decisions. We were very lucky to be able to share time with him each week. We definitely plan on following his advice for the future!

As our final assignment for D.A.R.E., each class was asked to put together a video that highlights some situations that we may find ourselves in and some different ways to appropriately handle it. Each of us had a different role. We had script writers, actors, videographers, and editors. Each played a pivotal role in the creation of our videos. We filmed the videos using our iPads. We then used the iMovie app to create the videos. They came out great!

You can check out our videos down below. Just a caution to younger classes, our videos do discuss mature topics that would be more appropriate for older children. We recommend that you watch the videos first before deciding if it’s something that is okay for your students to watch.

Video by Mr. Avery’s Homeroom

Video by Miss Girard’s Homeroom


Do you think these videos could help you make better decisions?

Have you ever graduated from something before?