Today we had the opportunity to Skype with two different classes during the day! Miss Girard’s homeroom had an opportunity to Mystery Skype in the morning and then Mr. Avery’s homeroom had their chance in the afternoon. Both classes had totally different experiences in trying to find the location of two different classrooms!

After going through all the rules and jobs of Mystery Skyping (see here or here if you’re not familiar with how to Mystery Skype), we got right down to work. A five hour time difference and a giant ocean between our class and the first class didn’t stop us from connecting. After going back and forth through many questions, we were finally able to pinpoint the other classes location and it just so happened to be in Middleham, England with Ms. Monaghan’s class. You can see a list of questions that we asked to help us pinpoint where they were located down below.

In the afternoon, the second class had an opportunity to search out the location of another classroom. This one just so happened to be somewhere in the United States. After some great teamwork between everyone involved and some amazing questions, we were able to figure out that the class was located in Hillsboro, Missouri. The class we were Skyping with? It happened to be Mrs. Venosdale’s class! Check out some of the questions we asked her class to see if they would’ve helped you figure out where they were located.

Thank you so much to both classes for taking the time to Skype with us! We couldn’t have asked for two better partners to work with!


Have you ever Mystery Skyped before?

Based upon the questions we asked, do you think you’d be able to find where the other classes were located?