For the first time this school year, we partnered up with 4KM and 4KJ in Australia to work on a project. We’ve worked with them in previous years on projects such as our Storybirds and the Tale Trail. This year we’ve teamed up to collaborate on a fun monster-themed project.

Here’s how our project worked:

  1. Students from Mr. Avery’s class were paired up with students from 4KM and 4KJ.
  2. All students drew a picture of a monster.
  3. Next, the students wrote a detailed description of their monster.
  4. The two classes swapped their writing (but didn’t swap pictures).
  5. The student’s had to draw their partner’s monster using the detail written in the description.
  6. We then compared the original drawing the the drawing our partner made using the writing!

It was really interesting to see the results. Some of the drawings were pretty close and some of them not so much. It definitely taught us that detail in our writing is important. Writing creates an image in your mind and in the mind of others so the more detail you can add to it, the better you can share how you imagine things with others.

Take a look at our Prezi below. You’ll be able to see our writing, our original images (always on the left) and then the drawings that our partners in 4KM/4KJ did of our writing. You can make the Prezi full screen by clicking the button in the bottom right hand corner. You can then scroll through by using the arrows on the bottom of the presentation or autoplay it by clicking the play button with the stopwatch behind it.

If you’d like to see our attempt at drawing 4KM and 4KJ’s monsters as well as their original writing and monsters, you can do so by clicking here. Also, since Halloween isn’t something that’s commonly celebrated in Australia, they had some questions for people who do celebrate it. You can answer their questions by clicking here. Lastly, if you’d like to see the monster drawings that students from our class did last year when we completed this project with Mr. Salsich’s class, click here.

Thank you so much to 4KM and 4KJ for working with us on this project. We had so much fun on it and we hope you enjoyed our monsters!


Do you think you’d be able to come close to drawing the monsters?

Why do you think descriptive writing is important?