Avery Architects is home to some of the best house designers in the world. Recently, we were extended an invitation to join the company by creating their first house on Homestyler. We discussed some of the most important aspects of building and designing a house. We talked about the layout of the house and making sure that everything was easily accessible. We also had conversations about how math would be used in the building of houses. It was determined that perimeter of each room and of the entire house would be important to know in case you wanted to add something like trim, redo siding on the house, or even add a fence to the backyard. We found that area would also be important as homebuyers like to know the square footage of a home or you’d need to know how much carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring you’d need for each room.

Working in pairs, we got to work on designing our homes. We started by figuring out the layout of the house. Then, we went back through and added all the details that makes a house feel like a home. We added in furniture, appliances, and the little things like plants and paintings.

After all the designing was completed, students then went to work on figuring out the perimeter, area, and volume of the home. They used the dimension feature on Homestyler to see what the length and width of each room were. To find the perimeter, we added up all the walls in each room. To find the area, we multiplied the length times the width. If it was an irregularly shaped room, we broke up the different parts into squares or rectangles, found the area of each, and then added all the areas together. Finally, to find the volume, we used a height of 10 feet (very high ceilings). We multiplied our area by 10 and that gave us our volume.

Our last step was to determine the cost of the house. We assumed that most of the houses would be built along beaches or in desirable locations so we used a cost of $200 per square foot. After the total area of the house was calculated, we multiplied that by $200 to find out what our cost would be. We ended up with a wide range with houses costing anywhere between $150,000 to over $600,000.

Explore one of our houses down below. Take a beautiful panoramic look at the kitchen and living room layouts. Then, in the second image, scroll around to take a look through the whole house. If you scroll all the way down on the house layout, you can toggle between 2D and 3D and zoom in and out. Here’s a description of the house from the architects, Jenny and Frankie

This luxurious Florida beach front house is very spacious with 1,817 square feet of living space to be exact.  This beautiful house has a total of four rooms and a sweet pool area with a brick oven outside too!  In the house, there is a total of four TVs and comes with all the appliances you’ll need in your kitchen.  This house can be yours at the low price of $363,400.

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Have you ever tried to design your own house before?

What would your dream home have in it?