No matter what the subject is, if we do something with artwork, it always brings cheers from the class. So when we had a famous artist come visit us on Monday, it definitely turned out to be one of the most popular presentations we’ve ever had!

Bren Bataclan, has been spreading joy to people throughout the world with his paintings. For years, he has been randomly leaving his paintings with a note saying that everything will be okay. How can that not cheer you up if you’re not in the greatest of moods? His work has had such an impact that he was even featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric! You can see that broadcast below.

While visiting us, he talked a little bit about the journey that he’s been through that has brought him to where he is now. Then, he had us try sketching some of his drawings! He primed us be telling us not to erase. He said there is no such thing as a mistake when you’re drawing. The great thing about art is that everyone’s drawings can be different but still be great!

He let us vote for which character we wanted to draw. Then, he showed us the shape he used to create the body. Then, he had us add on little pieces to give it more detail. Everyone tried their best and all their drawings came out amazing. In the pictures below, you’ll be able to see us focused intently and working hard on our drawings!

You can learn more about Bren by visiting his website at

What do you like best about his drawings?

What’s a random act of kindness you’ve done for someone before?