We have some of the most amazing blogging buddies around the world. They are always there to share amazing comments when we add a new post. We’ve done so many incredible projects with them over the course of the last couple years. Now, they’ve helped to make a big birthday pretty special for Mr. Avery.

Upon waking up on Saturday morning, I noticed my our blogging buddies had quite a few new posts. Upon further inspection, I noticed that they were all about the same thing, my birthday! I was so impressed that they all took the time to make something to celebrate my day!

Mrs. Yollis, 4KM/4KJ, Mr. Salsich, B4, and Mrs. Watson, all had posts up that included a Prezi that they all collaborated on to create. Within the Prezi, each class had made a video to wish me a happy birthday. I highly recommend you check it out by clicking on any of the links above! Mrs. Kistler and the 49ers also had a great blog post for us as well!

We without a doubt have the best blogging buddies we could ever ask for. They’ve made learning so much more exciting and real for us. As opposed to learning about a location on a map, we’ve been able to learn about it through connecting with these classes. They’ve shared so much more with us than we ever could’ve imagined and we’re so grateful for that.

So, to all of you, THANK YOU!