Every year, shortly after our Geography Bee, we also have our school Spelling Bee. The winner of the school Bee has the opportunity to then move on to a regional Spelling Bee. The winner of that then continues to move on until the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which you can actually see on ESPN every year.

The Bee always begins with initial rounds in each grade level. Every round, students are given a word. If it’s spelling incorrectly, they’re out. If they spell it correctly, they move on to the next round. Within the grade level, we continued until we were down to 10. Those 10 then moved on to the finals where they were able to compete in front of the school.

The finals worked much like in the classroom. If you spelled a word correctly, you continue on. If you spell one incorrectly, you’re out. That would continue all the way down until the championship round which would consist of the final two students remaining. Once someone spelled a word incorrectly, the other would have to spell that word correct. Then, they’d get a championship word. If they spelled that word correctly, they’d be the 2012 Spelling Bee winner!

This year, we had a battle unlike ever before with the final two students, Alyxandra and Faith. They lasted an incredible 35 rounds before a winner was crowned! You’ll have to watch the video below to find out who our champion was!

Congratulations to Faith, Alyxandra, and Emma, as well as all the other participants!

Do you have anything like a spelling bee at your school?

What’s your favorite word that we may not have heard of before? What does it mean?