Earlier this week, we shared a video about how to find a percent. We talked all about where you might see a percent being used outside of school. One of the places mentioned was at a store.

Many times stores will have sales and they’ll offer a discount on an item. For example, a store may offer Math Movie Network DVDs at 25% off. We learned how to find the new price based on the percent off.

In order to find the discount, you must first change your percent into a decimal. You can do so by dividing by 100, or by simply moving your decimal
two spaces to the left.

After you have changed your percent to a decimal, you find your discount by multiplying your original price by the decimal you just found.

The price that you found is your discount! So you will save $5.00 off of the original $20.00 price. Now, to find the new price of the item, you subtract your discount from your original price.

So after the 25% off discount, the price of the DVDs will be $15.00. That’s a great deal if you ask me!

To help show you these steps, Andrew, Steven, Jenny, and Alyssa created a video to help show how to find a discounted price. You can watch it below.

*Have you ever bought something that was on sale?*

*Why do you think it’s important to know how to do this?*