One of the great parts about having a blog is because of the comments. Students are able to write comments based upon what we’ve been working on. Parents are able to leave comments to share words of encouragement. Classes from around the world are able to ask questions about how we do things similarly and differently from them.

We received our first ever comment in December of 2010 from one of my students last year. We had made a Wordle to share all the information we had learned during our Chris van Allsburg author study. Ariel hopped on and left the first comment for us!

Since then we’ve had many comments from all over the world! We’ve had comments from other states, Canada, China, New Zealand, Australia, and many other places! Here’s an example of one of the wonderful comments we’ve received from around the globe.

Recently, we received a comment from one of my current students, Will G. Why was this comment so special you ask? Because it was our 2,000th comment!

It’s been amazing to be able to talk to so many amazing people from all around the world. It’s incredible that we’ve received so many comments in such a short period of time. Thank you to all of you who have visited and helped to add to that total. It’s those amazing conversations that helps to keep this blog going strong!

*What place have we received a comment from that you’d like to visit?*

*How many comments do you think we’ll receive before the end of this school year?*