The other night we held our first ever Tech Night for sixth grade parents at Dennett Elementary. We’ve been using so many different types of technology for so many different assignments, we thought it’d be great to share what we’re doing with the parents!

During our Tech Night, we shared how we are able to use our AverPens from our seats. We showed parents how to leave a comment on our blog. We received some wonderful comments that night! After, we visited our class wiki to learn how we’re using screencasts during centers and how students and parents alike are able to review what we’re learning about in class at any point during the year.

Our final visit was to one of our favorite sites, Storybird. Parents and students worked on creating a story together. Unfortunately, in the limited time we had, nobody was able to finish their story. As soon as somebody does from home though, we’ll get it up on the blog. While you’re waiting, I highly recommend you check out some great examples of Storybirds by 2KM and 2KJ in Australia!

Just when everyone was about to leave, we let the parents know that we had a little surprise for them. As it turns out, one of our most popular recent posts was our time-lapse video of our day. Unbeknownst to the parents, we had been creating a time-lapse video of Tech Night! Our document camera had been sitting in the corner taking a picture every 10 seconds throughout the entire event! We shared the video with the parents to cap off our night.

It was a great night with an amazing turnout. We were so glad that everyone was able to join us. We hope we’re able to expand Tech Night to the entire school next year so we’re able to share all the amazing things that are happening with technology in our building!

*What was your favorite part about Tech Night?*

*What would you like to see covered if we have another Tech Night?*

*We had 15 families at Tech Night. We have 33 students in 6th grade. That means our fraction representing our turn out is 15/33. Can that fraction be simplified?*