As an end of the year assignment, students were given a project. Their assignment, work as a group to create a video about any math topic that we learned about this year.

One of our goals for math this year was not just to learn but to learn the subject area well enough that we felt we could teach it to other students. That idea led to many math videos we created and eventually to the creation of the the Student Math Movie wiki. The students picked a topic they felt they could teach to others so they ended up creating videos about 3 x 2 digit multiplication, converting fractions to decimals, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators, long division, and probability.

We hope our videos will help you out in learning about these different topics!

*What was your favorite math project this year?*

*What other math videos would you like to see?*

*If you’ve never made a math video before, what’s your favorite way to learn math topics?*