Mrs Yollis is a very special third grade teacher in California.

We have spent much time this year learning from her class blog. She’s also left some amazing comments for us throughout the year.

Even though Mr. Avery has never actually met Mrs Yollis, he considers her a great friend. She has helped him in so many ways to make his classroom the exciting place it is today!

June 11th is a very special day for Mrs Yollis!

birthday Yollis

A message from the students around the world…

We are not the only ones who think Mrs. Yollis is great. There are many students all around the world who have learned something from Mrs. Yollis. We got together with out blogging buddies in Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan’s class (2KM and 2KJ), Mr. Salsich’s class and Mrs. McKenzie’s class (B4) to create this special “happy birthday” video.

A message from the teachers around the world…

Mrs. Yollis loves helping other teachers and there are many teachers all over the world who are very fond of her. This is a special VoiceThread from all of Mrs. Yollis’ friends. Students, teachers and anyone else, please add to the VoiceThread by recording a “happy birthday” message!

What would you like to say to Mrs Yollis?

What is your favorite memory of working with Mrs Yollis?