We’re currently in the middle of state testing so we’ve been hard at work preparing for that. We haven’t had much time to add anything new to the blog! We’ll get back on track with that next week as we have many great events scheduled beginning with our biography museum!

We will also be making some new math videos before the end of the year. Some of our math videos that we’ve made such as Elapsed Time Number-Line, Finding Area and The Avery Bunch – Finding Fractions have turned out to be a few of our most popular posts. Creating these videos have definitely helped us to learn more about these topics. We also found that our movies helped other students as well as we’ve heard from many teachers saying that they’ve shared them with their class! Realizing what a powerful teaching tool these videos can be, we created a wiki with Mrs. Yollis, Mr. Salsich and Mrs. Kistler. A wiki is a website that is created collaboratively by different users. It allows anyone with permission to add or edit content. Our wiki is called Math Movies – Made by Students for Students. It has all sorts of helpful videos that were made by students from one of our classes!


When you visit the wiki, you’ll notice that it is sorted by math strands. If you’re looking for a video on a certain topic, just find the appropriate category on the left and click. There will be different videos related to that topic. It may contain a video created by our class so you can watch back and see what we’ve learned. You may also find a video from another class so you can learn from them!


Enjoy a few of our math videos from this year. Then, click here to visit the wiki and watch some other great videos!

*Has making or watching math videos helped at all this year?*

*What math topic would you like to see a video about?*