Last Friday, we were lucky enough to Skype with a local meteorologist. A meteorologist is someone who studies weather patterns and predicts what the weather will be. They try their best based upon different weather instruments they have like anemometers (measure wind speed), hygrometers (measure humidity), and barometers (measure air pressure). Weather can be a tricky thing though and can change very suddenly!

Kevin Lemanowicz is the chief meteorologist for Fox 25 Boston. He has worked for them since 1996 so he’s very used to the crazy New England weather that we can have. Students brainstormed some questions they had so he could answer them for us. He did such a wonderful job!

Below, you can find videos showing four different questions we asked Kevin Lemanowicz and his responses. The students did such an amazing job of speaking clearly and sharing their wonderful questions even though they were talking to somebody that they see on TV!

  • Part 1 – Why did you want to become a meteorologist?
  • Part 2 – How do you predict weather that will be a day from now?
  • Part 3 – What instruments do you use to predict the weather?
  • Part 4 – What type of weather fascinates you the most?

To view more videos from our Skype chat with Kevin Lemanowicz, click here.

A special thank you to Mr. Lemanowicz for taking the time to chat with us and for also predicting a warm day the next day. His prediction was right!

For other local educators who are interested in Skyping with a Fox 25 meteorologist, click here and request a call!

*What did you learn about weather from Kevin Lemanowicz?*

*What’s your favorite weather memory?*