It’s that time again! Mr. Tracy and the T.S. Kennedy made their next stop in Bridgetown, Barbados. Luckily for us, while there, Mr. Tracy sent us some more postcards and coins to share in his experience with the trip! Did you know that the currency (money) that they use in Barbados is called the Barbadian dollar?

Barbados is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, just to the east of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a rather small island, being just 166 square miles. It’s claimed by some to have the most beautiful beaches in the world with sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters.

Mr. Tracy shared some more information about the ship that they’re on, their trip so far, and Barbados! Click through the slides below to see each of the postcards that he shared with us!

*What did you learn about the T.S. Kennedy or Barbados from the postcards?*

*What other types of currency have you heard of besides the U.S. dollar or the Barbadian dollar?*

*Barbados has an area of 166 square miles. If it was a rectangle, what could its length and width possibly be?*