As we enjoy another snow day, it’s a great time to look back on some of our projects that we’ve done so far this year. Each student has grown so much since the beginning of the year, both educationally and physically! Let’s look back upon some of the projects that we’ve done up to this point.

One of our first projects of the year was part of our year long newscast. During the first week, we started by doing our introductions. Below, you can see a sample!

The second part of our news cast was our endangered animal reports. Each student had to research and report on animal characteristics, diet, habitat, reasons they’re endangered, and adaptations that animal will have to make to survive. As a final aspect of the project, each student got to report while standing in front of a green screen (first video). The end result can be seen in the second video after we put it through some movie magic!

Another project that we worked on this year was how to add detail to our writing so that a reader can understand what we’re trying to say, without actually saying it. Each student chose a feeling, wrote an example of somebody showing that feeling, drew a picture of it, scanned it, and then created a VoiceThread to share our work. Check below to see if you can figure out what feeling each student is trying to convey!

We can’t wait to share more as the year continues!

*What’s your favorite project you’ve done so far this year?*

*What projects are you looking forward to in the future?*