Today we got a package from our friend Mr. Tracy! Mr. Tracy an engineer on the T.S. Kennedy, which is currently on a voyage through the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean. The T.S. Kennedy is part of Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Each year, the freshman students, as well as some others, take part in “sea term,” where they take classes right on the ship while they travel to different ports! You can follow the ship’s voyage on the MMA Sea Term Blog!

After stops in Charleston, South Carolina and Tampa, Florida, the ship’s first international stop was in Veracruz, Mexico. While there, Mr. Tracy was kind enough to write each student a postcard, send us place mats from a Mexican Burger King (where everything was in Spanish), and even gave a Mexican coin to each student! We learned that “ÂżY tu que haces por el planeta?” means “what do you do for the earth?” You can see some of the other sayings in the pictures below. What do you think they might say?

For each postcard, Mr. Tracy had a different picture of the T.S. Kennedy, part of the T.S. Kennedy, or something else he’s seen along his journey. Each had a different note sharing what the picture was showing. You can see each postcard to each student in our Prezi below! Click the play button to navigate through the presentation. You can make it full screen by clicking on “more options.”

We can’t wait to hear from Mr. Tracy, as their next stops are in Barbados and Puerto Rico!

*What did you learn about the T.S. Kennedy?*

*How is Veracruz, Mexico similar and different from where you live?*