In class we have been working on ways to make our writing more descriptive. We often discuss ways to “paint a picture” for our reader. Chris van Allsburg was a master at this. Each student agreed that we could imagine the way that his books would look even if he didn’t put pictures in them.  As a writing project, each student had to choose an emotion or some sort of feeling. They could choose between feeling angry, sad, hurt, excited, tired, hot, or cold. They then had to write a paragraph describing somebody who felt that way. The tricky part was that they couldn’t use the word that they had chosen anywhere in their writing!  Each child drew a picture showing that emotion, typed out their paragraph, and then recorded what they wrote in a VoiceThread. Below are our results. See if you can guess what feeling they wrote about!

*Could you guess the emotion each person was feeling?*

*What adjectives or similes can you think of to help describe an emotion?*

*Has there ever been a time where you’ve felt one of these emotions?*