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Limeades for Learning

Sep 25, 2013 | 3 comments

Throughout the year, we post projects on Donors Choose as a way to try to get materials funded that we normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to have in our classroom. In the past two years we’ve been able to receive close to $13,000 of materials in our classroom because of this site! It’s extremely remarkable what a little hard work and a lot of generosity can do for a classroom.

Starting on September 23, Sonic hosts an event called Limeades for Learning. Using their site,, you can vote once a day per email address for a project. At the end of each week, Sonic will fund $100,000 worth of projects for the top vote getters. This continues all the way through October 27. Please share with your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who could vote for us. All it takes is a second of your time each day to help bring over $1,500 worth of technology and other items into our classroom if we are able to get both projects funded! If you are able to help, please start by voting for “A Google CB for Financial Literacy” first. By focusing all of our votes on one project, we’ll have a much better chance of having it funded!

If at any point you would like to donate financially to any of our projects, all donations are completely tax deductible. At checkout you can also currently use the match code ZONKER to have your donation matched dollar for dollar. Thank you for your support!

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