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Sep 20, 2013 | 2 comments

Arrrggh my mateys. Today be one o’ our favorite days. It just so happens t’ be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Every year we plan out an activity that we can complete t’ celebrate t’ day. All o’ t’ scurvy dogs and scallywags o’ t’ sixth grade take part in a QR code treasure hunt where they solve math problems. Once they have completed t’ problem, they scan t’ code t’ find t’ location o’ Captain Avery’s next problem.

Avast! We weighed anchor and started our activity! T’ sixth grade landlubbers were given a math problem involvin’ those hornswagglin’ decimals. These buccaneers worked as a team t’ try t’ solve it. When t’ problem was solved, t’ group would scan t’ QR code t’ find a clue t’ t’ location o’ t’ next problem. When they figured out where it was located, they would heave t’ that location.

Oh ye filthy bulgrats, t’ squiffies, they worked so well together t’ find t’ answers. They worked their way from starboard t’ port and aft again. Ye ol’ clues were not hard enough as they got closer t’ findin’ t’ buried treaaye!

But alas, these lads and lasses managed t’ find their way t’ ye treasure and earned their mark as true pirates!

I won’t make ye landlubbers walk t’ plank today. If you’d like t’ join and become a pirate like us, you can do so with t’ iArrPirate app!
Did you do anything to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day?

What’s your favorite activity you’ve ever done for a holiday?