Driving to a Great Year



In this lesson, you will organize folders in Google Drive and set up a Google Sheet to record data from Typing Club throughout the year.

Sign in to Google Drive

Right-click the button below. Choose "Open link in new tab" and sign in using your school email and password
Google Drive

Make Folders in Drive

Make a Grade Level Folder. Click "NEW" and then "Folder." Name it "Grade 4" (or whatever grade you're in).
Google Drive

Make Folders in Drive

Double-click on the grade level folder you just made. Now, inside of that, create folders for Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing and Technology.
Drive Grade Level Folders

Make Folders in Drive

Watch the video below if you need help completing any of the steps to make folders in Google Drive.

Create a Google Sheet

Watch the video below. To move on, you must have a Google Sheet titled "Typing Club" with bordered columns labeled Date, Lesson, Stars, WPM, and Accuracy. You can see an image of the spreadsheet in the next section.

Create a Google Sheet

When finished, your spreadsheet should look similar to the image below.

Record Your Data

Any time you complete a lesson in Typing Club, record the data in your Google Sheet!

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