This blog is for a group of third through sixth graders to share our learning and projects from our technology class with Mr. Avery.

Our school is about 30 minutes outside of Boston, Massachusetts. We currently have about 600 students covering the four grade levels of our school. We are the only intermediate school in our town. We also have an elementary school where students in kindergarten through second grade go. When we move on from this school, we go to a regional middle school and then high school with students from two other towns.

On our blog, you’ll see what we’re working on throughout the year. Since this is for a technology class, you’ll see posts about our work on computers, iPads or even things we’re making in our 3D printers!

If you view older posts on our blog, you may notice that not all of them relate to the technology that we’re currently using. This blog also has posts from when Mr. Avery taught fourth grade or sixth grade before he moved into his current role in our school.

We hope that you’ll take time to view our work, leave comments and maybe even find a way to collaborate with us in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

Shawn Avery

Shawn Avery

Technology Teacher

Shawn Avery is currently in his tenth year of teaching. He’s spent that time teaching in locations such as Georgia, Ohio and now currently in Massachusetts. During that journey, he’s taught third, fourth and sixth grade before moving into his current role where he’s able to share his passion through teaching technology.