And We’re Back!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already back for another year! Everybody always says that “summer flew by” but that’s because it always feels like it does!

Last year (Mr. Avery’s first at KIS), was an amazing year where we learned about so many great things. We learned about 3D modeling, different Google apps, computer programming and even Minecraft! We got to spend time on computers, iPads and Chromebooks. This year we have so many great new things in store, including continuing to learn about computer programming through our new Sphero 2.0s (expect to read more about them later in the year).

For our first classes of the year, we spent time reviewing our rules and expectations. We discussed our school’s Acceptable Use Policy and why it was important to respect the property of others and making sure that we’re safe when using technology. Then, we took the time to watch a couple short videos and participate in a little activity before we had to go.

Each of the videos that Mr. Avery showed us had a specific purpose, to get conversations going about our priorities and what’s most important in life. Both of them were great but we especially loved the one from Kid President! We shared the videos below so that you could watch them. Then, underneath each, we wrote a little bit about what we discussed at the end of each video.

This is the first video that we watched in class. Mr. Avery told us to think about why it is that he would show us this, even though he loves technology. After, we had a discussion about it and talked about how technology can be an amazing tool. It can help us to learn how to do things or to keep in touch with people. But, one student put it best, “Our lives should not be lived through screens.” Although technology is a great tool, it shouldn’t be the only thing that we are focused on in our lives.

The second video that we watched was one from Kid President. He has a lot of different videos that are all funny but also inspirational. He has a great message about what is most important and how everyone can make a difference. One thing he said that we talked about was that “Everybody’s a teacher and everybody’s a student.” No matter how old you are, we all have knowledge that we can share with others and we should also always take time to learn about things we’re interested in.

After watching the videos, since we were sitting for so long, Mr. Avery wanted us to have the chance to get up and move around a little bit. So, we played one of his favorite games called Bear, Karate Girl, Indiana Jones. This is a game that he learned from LearnZillion, as all the teachers play it every year at their TeachFest conference.

The game is very similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors except for the fact that you don’t use your fists to play, you use your whole body! In the first round, everyone pairs up with somebody. They then stand back-to-back with them and when Mr. Avery counts to three, you have to turn and face the other person in the pose of either a bear, karate girl or Indiana Jones. If you lose, you’re out. If you win or tie you continue on and must find a new person to go against for that round. Sometimes though, we end up with an odd number of people in a round. If we do, Mr. Avery chooses somebody to get a bye and automatically move on to the next round. We keep going round-to-round until we get to a winner. It’s so much fun and definitely a great way to get up and get moving again after sitting for a long time!

One class created gifs of each pose to show you how to do them and also so we could explain what beats what.


Beats karate girl but loses to Indiana Jones

Karate Girl

Beats Indiana Jones but loses to the bear.

Indiana Jones

Beats the bear but loses to karate girl.

It’s been a great start to the year so far! Not only did we really enjoy our activity and the videos but we also got to hear about all the great things we’ll be doing in class this year. We’re definitely excited to jump back into learning and getting to spend time working with all of our great technology tools!


  1. Dear Mr.Avery,
    Love what you’ve done with the blog! It looks almost professional like. KIS seems like a really fun place to teach.
    AriSafari hasn’t been getting updated as much as I would like to be writing posts and all. I ‘ve been so busy with school!
    Realized the other day how much I missed the Dennett yesterday, it’s been so long but me and my friends visit a couple times, but everyone changed so much(in a good way).
    I hope everything is very well and such. And try to have a great rest on Winter!

    Ari Damery
    (Former student)

    • Hey Ari!

      It’s so great to hear from you! I definitely miss Dennett too! I love my new job but not being at Dennett means there is less of a chance that I’ll get to see any of my former students. I have been up at the high school a few times this year and I’ve run into a couple students I’ve had but I haven’t had a chance to get to the middle school at all.

      I actually did a presentation for a bunch of teachers the other day about making videos. I showed them The Avery Bunch, The BFG and the cups song ones. They all loved them. I actually haven’t been able to do many videos recently because I only see each class once a week for 40 minutes. By the time we do some typing practice and go over instructions for what we’re working on, it’s just never enough time!

      I’m so glad you wrote in! I hope to hear from you again soon!

      Mr. Avery

  2. Dear Mr.Avery,
    How are you! It’s been forever since I have left a comment on your blog. It has become very professional! I hope everything at KIS is going well. Just entered high school like a few months ago. Honestly, not as good as the Dennett I still miss that place a bunch. I even heard a few of my friends wanting to re-make the Avery bunch video that we made in the fourth grade, because once a member of the Avery bunch always a member! But we jut had honor roll breakfast today for the first time which was well.
    I have been attempting to write a post on my blog soon but I have no idea what to write about. I hope everything is good.
    Miss you!
    Ari Damery

  3. Hey Mr Avery,

    Long time no see… well, hear from :). It’s me Ashton. We met each other’s blogs in 2012 but I haven’t been posting recently due to very stressful exams and assignments. I love your classes poses and I personally think the Karate one dominates all of them. Keep up the good work Mr Avery and class.

    Sincerely, Ashton ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey Mr. Avery,

    I don’t know if you remember me but I was one of your students in sixth grade at the Dennett. I just wanted to say hi and say thank you because now I am a freshman in high school and I made it through middle school. I was so prepared for it all. So, thank you so much!



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