Hard to Say Goodbye

We wanted to find a proper way to say goodbye to him. We also wanted a way for him to be able to remember us as well (although we know we’re very difficult to forget)! One of our fourth grade teachers, Miss Dodge came up with the great idea of doing a video with each class holding up a chalkboard with something they’d miss about him. A third grade teacher, Mrs. Viveiros, helped to coordinate with everyone so that Mr. Avery could get around to all the classrooms to film and put together the video.

Each class did an amazing job of collaborating to decide on something they would miss about Mr. Riley, as well as coming up with a way to act it out without sound. What came together was the video you see above, which could never truly say how much Mr. Riley means to our school.

Mr. Riley, if you read this, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you’ll come visit!

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