Recently we’ve been spending a lot of time working with circles. You may have remembered our post about how to find the

In years past, students have found the area of a rectangle by using the formula area = length x width. Now, we’ve learned how to find the area of a circle by using the formula area = πr^2. π represents the relationship between the diameter and the circumference because the circumference is about 3.14 times larger than the diameter. The letter r represents the radius of the circle. The 2 represents that you’re squaring your radius.

Jenny will walk you through the steps to finding the area of a circle by using the radius in her first ever screencast!

Our gracious mathematicians from the Math Movie Network will also share how to solve the area of pi by using the radius. They’ll also show you how to find the area if all that you’re given is the diameter of the circle!

What is the largest circle you can think of that you’ve ever seen?

The biggest cookie ever created was over 102 feet wide. What do you think the area of the cookie was?