As many of you know, I switched grades this year. After previously teaching fourth grade for the past two years, I’ve made a transition up to sixth grade this year. One of the greatest parts about the change was being able to work with the same students I had two years ago. It’s been amazing to see the progression they’ve made over the course of a couple years.

Recently, while organizing some things in the classroom, I came across three DVDs. After popping them into my computer to view the contents, I was amazed to find that they were the first videos we ever made in the classroom! It just so happens that our first attempt at shooting videos happened two years ago while I was teaching fourth grade to my current students.

I was amazed to see the differences between then and now. The students have grown so much since then. They’ve now become role models for the rest of the students in the school as they’ve taken up residence in our top grade. They’re not the only thing that has changed in that amount of time though. Now we make our videos in front of a giant green screen. You’ll notice in the videos below, this wasn’t always the case.

Much like last year, the previous year, we wrote endangered animal reports. Students were then asked to “head out to the field” to portray reporters for the news. That year, we also invented our own project and created commercials for them. We combined all of that to create an entire newscast.

Watch the videos below, then click here after to see our videos from this year. See if you notice a difference!

*What differences do you notice between then and now?*

*What do you think might be different in another 2 years?*