It’s that time of year again. Time for celebrating our families, time for being thankful, and time of course, for the Edublog Award nominations!

There are so many amazing blogs in education, it’s difficult to narrow it down to nominate just one for each category. However, since it needs to be done, here are our nominees!

Best Group Blog

Our World, Our Stories

Our World, Our Stories is a collaborative blog involving teachers that we know very well such as Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan, Mr. Salsich, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Yollis, and Mrs. McKenzie. In this blog, each class leads a topic for a week, adding blog posts and driving discussion. It’s amazing way to share cultures and traditions from around the world!

Best Class Blog

Mr. Salsich’s Class

Mr. Salsich’s class blog always provides rich, engaging content. His class blog always presents amazing activities, videos, and connections. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with them on different projects throughout the last two years such as our kite project and our monster description project. Their class blog should be followed by all classes!

Best Student Blog

Millie’s Magical Blog

Millie is a student from 2KM and 2KJ in Australia. She is one of many students there who have their own class blog. She does an amazing job of writing great posts. We always look forward to reading what she has to write!

Best Library Blog

Bulldog Readers Blog

Bulldog Readers Blog is run by Mrs. Hembree in Washington State. She does an amazing job of bringing a whole new level of excitement to reading. We loved her series of pictures from the summer of students reading in places all around the world. We also love how she always introduces us to great new books!

Best Free Web Tool


Kerpoof is an amazing free web tool that allows us to create pictures, animated videos, or create stories. It also has a back channel that we love using because we can share our work easily with others from class. On top of that, when we use it, we earn coins that we can use to buy new animations, paint brushes, or other items to use throughout the program!

You Can Nominate Too!

Again, it was so difficult to choose just a few out of these categories. There are so many great blogs and sites out there. If you feel that we left anyone out, you can also nominate others for a variety of different categories. Just visit the Edublog Awards site and follow the instructions. Voting will begin soon! Good luck to everyone!