We are currently in the process of working on our biography reports leading up to our biography museum at the end of May. Students have chosen a famous person from history. They’ve finished reading all about them and are now in the process of working through their notes to find the most important information about that historical figure. At our museum, we’ll find ourselves standing face to face with presidents such as John F. Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We’ll be sharing the spotlight with the likes of Shirley Temple, Amelia Earhart, and Michelangelo. We will be among some of the truly great figures of history. It should be quite the experience!

Last year, we were fortunate enough to have met many famous characters. Watch through the video below to see who showed up!

Mrs. Yollis, an amazing teacher in California, is also teaching her class about biographies. You may be interested in checking out her post, Biographical Bonanza. She had the brilliant idea of having students write comments as their character. We’ll be doing the same!

Please leave a comment as your biography character. Make sure you include facts that you have learned about that person. It’s important to use your own words though. We don’t want to copy straight from the book! Family and friends, we encourage you to choose your own character and comment as well. Maybe we’ll even be able to get some conversations going between different historical figures!

We look forward to hearing from some of our famous friends!